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Available search options

Our products have been arranged into categories in the middle horizontal bar in order to simplify your search. All the groups evolve into sub-categories in which the relevant products can be found.

In the middle of our Home page, the fields we are active in (ATTIRE, WEDDING, BAPTISM, COSTUMES, etc.), which are relevant to our products, are also separated into groups and sub-categories. Within these, our most recent suggestions per category can be viewed.

Our aim is for you to get to the product you are looking for as easily and as quickly as possible.

In the event that you are searching for a product and it cannot be found in one of our groups or in one of the fields we are active in or if you want to search according to your own criteria, the following options are available:

Plain search

By providingthe code or describing the product in the field SEARCH which is found in the left implementations column of the website. The search engine will reveal the relevant results found according to the details you have supplied.

Complex search in accordance to your criteria

When clicking on COMPLEX SEARCH, which is found in the left implementations column of the website, the comprehensive complex search engine available will open. When choosingthrough the available filters, you can shape the type of search you wish to make. It is preferable to start your search as simplified as possible by initially selecting the fewest filters that are closer to the characteristics of what you are looking for, starting from the most important, as far as you are concerned,characteristic (e.g. group item, price, size, colour, etc.) and step by step to get to your final search.

Filtering within a group of products

When selecting one of the categories which exists in the middle horizontal bar (e.g. Laces-NylonNon Elastic) the group of products opens revealing all the products that are in stock. In the left implementations column, a new field with the title SEARCH FILTERS appears in which different filters (e.g. COLOUR - PRICE - SIZE - QUANTITY etc.) can be found. A search, whose results instantly appear, can be shaped by selecting one or more of the available filters.

Attention:All the filters in this field can only be applied within the group already selected and the search being conducted pertains only to the specific group and not to the products as a whole.

In the event that what you are looking for cannot be found, try to simplify your search by supplying smaller words, general characteristics or a wider range of prices.

If by doing so, you still can't find what you need, fill in the SEARCH REQUEST FORM and you will be contacted byone of our representatives in relevant department.


MAIL BOX is a service provided to our website users with the purpose of making the management of a wide range of products easier and for the instant forwarding of them to a third party via e-mail.

By opening the MAIL BOX service, and through the NEW CONTACT ENTRY field, you can store your favourite contacts on the CONTACT LIST, and if you wish, to have easy access to them. Upon every contact entry, you can select a language in order for all the data of the message to be adapted to the selected language.

The products that interest you can be placed in the MAIL BOX basket by clicking on the symbol . It is a separate basket which is independent and is not connected to the shopping basket. It can be managed as pleased by adding or taking out products at any time. The purpose of the MAIL BOX is to create a well-organized presentation of the selected items and their promotion via e-mail to the contact you have chosen.

In order to create one such presentation message, you must first choose which of the products that you have placed in the MAIL BOX basket you wish to include in the message you plan on sending.The selection is made by clicking on thespace providedfor each of the products.

Afterwards, you must select who you want to send the presentation to. You have the option of selecting one from the stored contacts of your MAIL BOX, if available. Otherwise, a friend's e-mail address can be used.

In addition, you must decide if you would like the price of theproducts to appear on the presentation message that we will create and promote for you

Lastly, after you have gone through all of the above stages, click on the field GO that exists on the promotion form and the procedure has been completed.

Under no circumstances does the MAIL BOX service keep any sort of records