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Product Dying
Our company is equipped with a comprehensive dye house for materials and offers you the ability to commission us with the dying of any of our products available for dying in a colour of your choice. The commissioning for dying is conducted via the relative order form which is found in our e-shop, by selecting a colour from the list, on the card of each product with the optionDYEDwhich is found on products that are available for dying. On the order form which you activate, the colour of your choice can be selected either from the standard colourchart which is found in the field Choice of Colour or stating briefly the colour of your preference in Choice of Colour through shipment and by sending us, free of charge, the sample of your chosen colour and following the instructions which appear. There is no limitation to the quantity of the order and the cost of dying depends on the quantity chosen. Our dying endurance is for the normal washing machine cycle at 30oC and they must be used on fabric with the same shade of colour. If more dye endurance is demanded or if you wish to use the materials on fabric of a different shade, (e.g. lace dyed in blue which will be sewn on a white fabric) we must be informed accordingly so we can proceed with a specialized processing technique to stabilize the colour after dying. You will be informed about the extra charge for this process and your confirmation will be requested. Dyed products cannot be returned and due the complexity of the procedure involved, the outcome of the colour may differ slightly from the desired colour.