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1934 - Company founded with main activity the trading in polyester buttons.

1950 - In the basement of a property in Paikou St., in Thessaloniki, Telidis family starts producing buttons with manually operated machinery.

1961 - The Production and the Sales Departments are separated and the machinery is being transferred to a property in Syggrou St. and the Sales Department in Solomou St., in Thessaloniki.

1963 - The Production Department is being moved to Polichni area in Thessaloniki and a production unit is being created.

1965 - The Sales Department is transferred to a new and larger property in Valaoritou St., in the centre of Thessaloniki. The company expands, becomes more active in the market and consolidates its name.

1974 - The transfer of the Production Department from Polichni area to a privately owned property in Gerakarou, in Lagada city, in the outskirts of Thessaloniki, and the creation of a factory producing polyester buttons.

1975 - Production is being expanded with the purchase of machinery for processing edgings and textiles.

1978 - DIMITRIOS B. TELIDIS is founded, based at 26 Ptolemeon St., in Thessaloniki. The range of items is being enriched by importing new products. Collaborating for the first time with foreign brands as an exclusive agent in the Greek market.

1980 - The purchase of a warehouse at 36, Syggrou St., in Thessaloniki, due to necessity of more space for the constant increase of new products.

1982 - The purchase of another property at 62, Olympou St., in Thessaloniki, to accommodate the growth in production along with the purchase of new machinery for manufacturing and processing zippers from a spiral tape.

1986 - The company starts its exporting activity with the first customer in The Netherlands.

1990 - The company expands by purchasing new press injection machinery for plastic accessories and new machinery for processing zippers, derlin-resin type.

1992 - The creation of a new Head Office at 13 Kleisouras St., in Thessaloniki, with a sole purpose of organizing and promoting products to new markets abroad.

1995 - The company expands in the retail market of sewing materials with the opening of a new shop in Agiou Mina St.,in Thessaloniki.

1997 - A new retail shop at 25, Vasileos Irakleiou St., in Thessaloniki, opens its doors to the public trading sewing materials.

1998 - The company expands once again in the wholesale and retail field with imitation jewellery and semiprecious stones by representing well-known brands in the field for the Greek market.

2000 - The opening of a new retail shop at 27, Vasileos Irakleiou St., in Thessaloniki, to accommodate the need of the company to promote its new activity.

2004 - A new retail shop for imitation jewellery accessories is opened at 42 Mitropoleos St., in the heart of Thessaloniki.

2007 - Refurbishment of the property at 62, Olympou St. Production is updated with the purchase of new packaging and storing machinery. A new internal certification system is introduced for monitoring all production and trading activities. Introduction of the BARCODE system for all the categories of the products and study and design of a new website.

2009 - The property at 26, Ptolemeon St. is being purchased.

2012 - Renovation of the Head Office and operation of the computerized BARCODE
System. Enrichment of the variety of products with new items and creation of an
e-shop through the new website of the company.

2013 - Telidis Co is being focused on Exports Sales by
expanding its network mainly in the E.U.

2015 - The Company started to participate in International Exhibitions of the field abroad (France, Germany)