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Order procedure

The progress stages of all wholesale orders are as follows:

Receipt of order

For an order to be received, it must be stated either in a form bearing the name of the customer's company or in our form of commission and it must be accompanied by the real samples of the products being ordered. The normal procedure which an order comes to us is by sending it by courier service along with the real samples or with our salesman who will pickthe samplesup from your place of business. Alternatively, you can place an order via our e-shop or by e-mailing or sending us a fax. In this case, you must then send us the samples of the products for us to be able to fulfill it.

In the event that it is not possible for you to send us the samples nor can we come to you to pick them up, we will send you our sample, related to your order, so as to verify with you that all the characteristics (design, size, colour, etc.) are correct.

Due to the complexity of the products and to avoid errors, orders placed by telephone and orders which are not accompanied by samples or there is no confirmation with the shipment of our samples, are not accepted.

Order confirmation

Upon receipt, you will be contacted for usto confirm the details of your order, the products, the delivery dates and the packaging you wish.Later, we will notify you regarding the specifications of the materials we are about to ship to you and the details that may need to be noted such as the appropriate way of cutting and processing a product, temperatures and pressure time for airborne materials, the right selection of moulds for the final placement of the materials of produced fabrics, etc.

At this stage, an effort is made to avoid problemsthatyou may encounterafter completion and delivery of our products. These potential problems would not be due to poor quality or imperfections but rather to their misuse. By informing usregarding the manner with which you wish to use our products and the type of work that will be done, we will be able to foresee and, in turn, inform you about difficulties that may arise during the final processing procedure. If we believe that the material which you have received is not suitable for the job, then we would rather lose an order made by you than supply you with a product that could cause you problems in processing. Our aim and priority is to make the final stage of your processing and production as easy as possible and problem free and not so much the confirmation of an order.

Order fulfillment

Upon confirmation, the Order Department in collaboration with the competent salesman will set in motionthe production and thecollection of the products. At this stage, and for better management,produced items, imported and non-produceditems are separatedand the appropriate department takes on the task of completing the production or the import of the goods. We check to see if there are products that need to be dyed and, depending on the material and the quantity, we proceed with the dying process.

Quality check

Upon completion andfollowingthe gathering of all the products in the order, the Quality Check Departmentrandomly choosestwo setsfrom the completed production. The first set is filed with the serial number of the order while the second one is passed on to the quality check process. The random samples will be tested for their durabilityin a regular washing cycle with detergent. After the completion of the check and if no problems have arisen, we will proceed with the packaging that has been agreed. The samples used in this check will be filed with the serialnumber of the order. In the event of any problems during quality checking, you will be informed and asked if something is acceptable or not. If a problem is not acceptable, then we will repeat the production procedure and follow through with the same quality check procedure from the beginning of the new production.


The finalized products are packaged for shipment. Their quantity is checked and passed on to the means of shipment which has been agreed.


Five (5) business days after the order has been dispatched, we will conduct a new quality check on the second set of samples which we had kept. The samples will be tested once again in a regular washing cycle with detergent and will be checked a second timefor their durability. Following the completion of this procedure, there will be a comparison between them and the ones filed after the first quality check. Should there be a difference or should a problem arise that did not during the first testing, you will be notified accordingly in order to avoid a future problem in your production.