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Website functions



Via the COMPLEXSEARCH field and by using the available filters, a specialized search can be conducted through filtering a characteristic feature of an item (e.g. colour, size, synthesis, price, etc.) or the quantity we would like to be in stock.

Additional SEARCH FILTERS within an item group

By selecting an item group (e.g. Laces - NylonNon Elastic) the whole item group that has been selected opens, listed from the most recent arrivals. To the left of the page, a new field with the title SEARCH FILTERS appears. A variety of filters (e.g. COLOUR - PRICE - SIZE - QUANTITY, etc.) appear in it,which can be used to filter and shape a search directly and only through the item group we have chosen to open.

Special Offers field

By selecting the Special Offers field, products in stock from all categories which are on special offer, can be viewed gathered together

Purchase of Samples Books field

By selecting the Purchase of Samples Books field, the available sample products can be viewed and ordered when being a registered user

Ability to forward a product

Upon selection of a product, ‘Share with a friend’ appears at the bottom of the page. Via the forwarding methods available on the form we can shape the way we wish to share the product we have chosen.


Access to the entire price list of all the products

All the prices of our products can be viewed when registering

Access to products in stock in the warehouseaccording to item, size and colour

Company users, certified as associates, have online access to all the stock in our warehouse specified by item, size and colour in real time

Use of our e-shop and ability to order online

Registered users have access to all available options concerning orders supported by the company's e-shop

Ability to conductexchangesand return orders online

Registered users can return a product without shipment charges for returns applying when using the specified platform found in the website

Ability to order samples online

Registered users are given the privilege of ordering samples free of charge. This service is applicable to products marked with ASK FOR SAMPLE

Ability to order products in a colour of your own by commissioning dying online

Registered users can, through the specially designed order platform, order any of the products in stock and of any quantity in the colour of their choice bydirectly commissioning dying online either byselecting a colour fromour standard colourchart or with the delivery of a sample to them free of charge

Ability tosign upat Telidis Club

Registered retail sale users can sign up at Telidis Club andbenefit from the rebate programme provided

Access to the card changes in points of Telidis Club

Telidis Club members can,through the card changes in points which is available in the menu of My Account, have a detailed description of the accumulated points and rebates that have been conducted following purchases via the e-shop

Access to MAIL BOX

Registered users can create their own contact list of friends or associates through the Mail Box service and store in the item basket of the Mail Box the products that interest them. With the management of the two fields (Contacts and Item Basket), products that interest them can be forwarded, with or without prices, to one of the stored contacts or even to a new friend through the ready text form.

Access to theaccount management menu of the user

Registered users have access to extra services provided through the specified account management menu of the user

Access to the mode Services

Registered users can take advantage of the additional services provided through the field Services

Access tothe mode Printings

Registered users can benefit from the available assisting printings and tables found in the field Printings

Access to the mode Notifications

The notification service via text messagingin a separate field of the websiteis provided to registered users

Access to the management of Newsletters menu

Registered users can manage separately the differentnewsletters that exist and create their ownlist of selections

Access to the software of FAVOURITES

Registered users have access to a variety of processing functions, storing and forwardingitems which have been chosen for the list